The Benefits of Outsourcing

Advanced accounting and financial expertise

Get access to a trusted professional in accounting and finance. The LRZ Consulting team is cross-trained in internal accounting, audit, tax, and M&A, so you’re guaranteed a partner that can help you understand your full financial picture.

2 decreased expenses

Decreased headcount expenses

When outsourcing your accounting function, you only pay for the services performed. Because of this, you’ll often spend less by partnering with an outside firm than you would on the salaries, benefits, etc. for full-time accounting personnel.

benefits of outsourcing 3

Timely and reliable financial reporting

While accounting may not be your strongest skill, it’s our forte. We create custom reporting schedules to ensure the most current and accurate financial data is available, enabling  you to make important decisions in real-time.

4 automation improvement

Improvements in automation

By outsourcing your accounting function, you can have a consultant focus on integrating disparate systems and automating processes. Automation reduces errors and wasted time, ultimately leaving room for more valuable tasks.

5 fraud protection

Minimized risk of internal fraud

In a study by the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, the median loss caused by fraud was $145,000. As this continues to rise, outsource firms become more crucial; they can strengthen internal controls and provide additional oversight to prevent potential internal fraud.

6 recruiting and training

Reduced efforts on recruiting and training

Recruiting for a small business can be a big headache; consistent demand for accountants makes it difficult to find talent for a reasonable price, and a limited path for promotion makes turnover likely. When outsourcing services, no recruitment or retention practices are necessary.