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Government Contractor Services

Contracting with the federal government creates significant compliance and regulatory burdens for businesses. LRZ Consulting is a trusted partner that helps contractors navigate the complexities of government contracting.

Indirect Rate

Indirect rates are a critical measurement for government contractors. Even if the company has no contractual obligation to submit provisional and final indirect rates, they are essential for pricing and overall management of a business operating in the government contracting industry. Our team’s deep industry experience serving federal contractors enables us to help businesses prepare indirect rate calculations, create monthly reporting functionality, develop rate structures, benchmark against industry standards, and develop pricing models that incorporate an appropriate indirect rate structure.

Four Signs Your Government Contracting Business has Outgrown QuickBooks


With each passing year, more and more contract vehicles are requiring an approved accounting system through a pre-award survey. Many contractors also have DCAA oversight requiring provisional rate submissions, incurred cost submissions, and pre and post–award accounting system audits. Our team can help you prepare for DCAA audits and get your accounting system audit-ready. We start with an assessment of your accounting policies and procedures, determine changes that need to be made, and implement new policies to achieve compliance. We can work with any accounting system to gain DCAA compliance, including QuickBooks, Unanet, Deltek CostPoint, and Microsoft Navision.

Four Signs Your Government Contracting Business has Outgrown QuickBooks

Billing &

Billing & timekeeping within the government contracting industry requires technical knowledge around DCAA compliance, software systems, industry standards, and contractual requirements. Our team has extensive experience managing these processes for government contractors. We help select the appropriate software that is right-sized for your business, monitor implementation and ongoing tasks, and execute transaction processing alongside your operations teams.

Four Signs Your Government Contracting Business has Outgrown QuickBooks

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