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Due Diligence

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Once your business is fortunate enough to have an LOI in place, the next step will often be a period of Due Diligence, where the buyer will be looking to evaluate the business, determine the accuracy of financial statements, and obtain other relevant information related to the potential sale. The potential buyer will typically request hundreds of documents from the seller in the areas of legal, human resources, accounting & finance, insurance, and contracts. The accounting & finance requests alone can be hundreds of documents.

Our team supports clients on the accounting and finance side before, during, and after the due diligence period. We help clients maintain accurate and timely financial records so that there are no surprises during the due diligence period and that information is easily presentable, including add-backs and EBITDA calculations. We then support during the due diligence period by preparing document requests, responding to buyer inquiries, and supporting the seller through any hurdles that come up during this phase of the sale. Finally, we support clients after the due diligence period has been completed, in areas such as working capital calculations, closing estimates, and post-acquisition support.

Our goal is that the accounting & finance component of M&A Due Diligence be the smoothest area. A failed sale process can be very costly for a company in terms of both expense and time. Our team will provide the support needed to ensure that the accounting & finance function is not an impediment to a successful sale of the business.

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