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Pre-M&A Support & Audit Readiness

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Business owners often work the majority of their career starting and growing their business. It is an incredible accomplishment to create a lasting organization that provides jobs for employees, delivers innovative products & services, and strives for top quality customer service. Eventually, the time comes when a business owner is ready to move on to the next journey in life, and the last thing we want to see is the accounting records be a roadblock in the sale process.

Our experienced team has worked on a large number of sale transactions, ensuring that our client’s accounting records and financial statements are accurate, reliable, presented in an appropriate manner, and prepared in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles. We are all former auditors and understand what external parties will be looking for and what potential areas of risk exist in the financial statements. We help organizations prepare for the arduous process of financial due diligence and quality of earnings audits. The result is a smooth process and a quick financial due diligence period. External parties are able to rely on the financial statements so that you can stay focused on executing a successful exit.

The following are some common pitfalls we help businesses avoid when preparing for a sale:

  • Presenting cash-basis or hybrid financial statements, when outside parties are looking for accrual-basis accounting.
  • Lack of timeliness in financial reporting and fulfilling external requests.
  • Inaccurate revenue recognition and financial reporting.
  • Missed adjusted-EBITDA addbacks that would help present the business in a more accurate and positive light.
  • Misclassification of expenses
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