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The Best Blogs & Resources for Tech Startups

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Whether you are just starting or beginning to scale your startup, there is a wealth of resources on the internet containing advice on sales, technology, capital raising, and anything else you could need for your startup. We’ve picked out a few of our favorites and present them here, in no particular order.

A VC – Musings of a VC in NYC


About: The blog is written by Fred Wilson, a Wharton alum currently serving as Partner at Union Square Ventures.

Having the word musings in the tagline is very appropriate for this blog, as the articles are the thoughts and writing of one individual and are not presented in a typical format. While the writing style may sound aloof, the ideas and content are anything but that. Fred touches on countless topics – he has 224 articles on blockchain, 157 articles on crowdfunding, and most importantly, 3,788 articles on VC & Technology.

Our favorites: While the last post was August 2019, we love the MBA Mondays section. It covers a wide range of extremely relevant topics for startups and their founders, including employee equity, financing options, and management teams. The archives for Management also contain a ton of quality content.

Andreesen Horowitz


About:  While this is a venture capitalist firm, we wanted to highlight their content tab.  You’ll find a wide range of subjects covered in videos, podcasts, and articles.  I recommend browsing and exploring their topics page, where a variety of articles can be found from AI to fundraising.  Ben’s book, authored by Ben Horowitz, is a particularly well written and interesting section covering advice on starting your own business.

Our Favorites:  Check out their podcasts, particularly their a16z podcast, which nicely summarizes current events and introduces wide-ranging topics relevant to growing your business and building your team.

Morning Brew


About: The site is mostly a news aggregation site, but they have daily newsletters that cover the most relevant business news. This includes company-specific news, current events, economic policy, and international issues, among other items. While not geared towards start-ups, the site contains coverage of the large businesses that most start-ups aspire to become one day. And regardless of industry or your particular position, it’s always important to stay up to date on news, trends, and policy. Morning Brew is also now up to four newsletters (probably more since this writing). In addition to their original newsletter, they now have specific coverage on emerging technology, retail, and marketing, so if you are in one of those fields it is a great option to stay informed on the space.

Our Favorites: Morning Brew entered into the podcast arena over a year ago with Business Casual, which can be found on Spotify. Despite the trendy/corny (depending on who you ask) name, the podcast boasts some of the most successful entrepreneurs and business leaders, specifically in the tech and startup space. They blend educational information with insight from thought-leaders, and occasionally have multi-episode themes featuring a deep dive into important topics for entrepreneurs.



About: Well known for their annual tech conference, TechCrunch Disrupt, the site is a true traditional media website with endless content. Understandably so, given that it sits under Verizon Media’s umbrella.

The site contains over ten topic-specific newsletters, deal news, advise, webinars, analysis, and opinions. The Startups section has a very wide range or articles and topics, so it may be slightly harder to navigate directly to what you are looking for from that page, but you are bound to stumble on some interesting articles there, as there are probably between 20-40 articles posted on any given day.

Our favorites: In addition to the articles itself, if you navigate to The TC List, you can find a long list of investors in the venture capitalist industry. We all love reading about technology and capital raises, but what’s better than an actual list of people who may provide the next check for your capital raise.



About: I suppose you can skip this one if you aren’t in a SaaS business. The site is intended for the purpose of scaling your software as a service business, as the name indicates.  SaaStr might be slightly overwhelming upon first glance because it’s chock full of great resources, but it has a very intuitive organizational structure.  It has a blog and podcasts that are updated regularly, a great networking community of other leaders in the industry, and an abundance of educational content.

The educational content comes in the form of their university, which offers courses and free eBooks, an interesting live chat function with other members of the university, and an academy which is their university lite with blog, video, and course content in one easy, navigable place.

Our Favorites:  Consider signing up for one of their yearly events (once it is safe to travel) that attracts over 15,000 attendees to the San Francisco Bay Area or 3,000 executives and VC’s to Paris.

We hope you find some (or all) of these resources to be of some help in the future! And if you need assistance with the accounting, bookkeeping, and finances for your start-up, no need to search the web any further. Give us a call or send us an email. We would be happy to provide a free evaluation or your accounting needs.

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